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We offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions designed to simplify the recovery of abandoned or unclaimed assets that the state or county couldn't return to our clients.

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Specialized Services

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Data Analysis

Through direct collaboration with county authorities, our team of data analysts conduct ongoing and meticulous audits and evaluations of the latest foreclosure auctions.

Our recovery specialists contact the potential claimant in order to confirm their ownership of the subject property and to calculate the exact surplus fund amount. 

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After verifying the information, the recovery specialist sends a contingency agreement, allowing us to legally file your claim and recover the assets we've found for you.



Next, we perform a title search on the subject property. This report will determine if there are any additional liens or creditors that require consideration during the claiming process.

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Our processing team meticulously reviews the entire claim, making sure that each item is properly notarized. Then it is submitted to the appropriate county or state treasury department,

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After the claim is submitted, we maintain direct communication with the county or state treasury. Our clients get comprehensive updates to ensuring they're informed until their funds are successfully disbursed.

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Your Payout

We only receive our service fee after the surplus funds are distributed to the rightful owner or heirs. 

No Upfront Fees:  At Sterling & Trafford, we believe in providing our services without imposing any financial burden on our clients. Therefore, we charge no upfront fees. We operate on a contingency basis, meaning we only get paid if we successfully recover the funds on your behalf. This approach ensures our interests align with yours, and you can trust our diligent efforts to maximize your claim.

Covering Legal Fees: We understand that legal fees can be a major concern when pursuing unclaimed funds. To ease your worries, we take care of all legal fees associated with the claim. Our team of real estate attorneys, mortgage specialists & financial advisors, possesses the expertise needed to handle the legal aspects of the process in every state. This gives our clients peace of mind, knowing that professionals will navigate any legal complexities on their behalf.

Direct Access to County Lists: To streamline the process, we have direct connections with county treasury departments. We receive updated lists of individuals entitled to unclaimed funds directly from the counties. This enables us to efficiently identify potential claimants, ensuring no eligible funds go unnoticed.

Dedicated Team of Specialists: At Sterling & Trafford, our dedicated team of data analysts and industry experts play a crucial role in our success. Together, we utilize our expertise to locate individuals who are entitled to unclaimed funds. Once identified, we reach out to these individuals, explaining our process and providing them with the necessary information to initiate their claim.

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Our mission is to streamline the often complex and bureaucratic asset recovery process, offering a seamless and efficient path to reunite clients with their unclaimed wealth.

We specialize in locating & recovering the following asset classes

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