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Together we'll help you reclaim your financial legacy.

Together we'll help you reclaim your financial legacy

An estimated $80 billion in unclaimed assets are held by state agencies.

And the total has been growing daily...

While it might sound unusual, it's actually more common than you might think. In fact, recent data shows that approximately 44 million people (1 out of every 7 individuals) have unclaimed assets waiting for them, and they are going about their day with absolutely no knowledge of it.

A large portion of these unclaimed assets comes from recent foreclosure sales that generated surplus funds. In these cases, the previous homeowners are often owed thousands, tens of thousands, and in rare cases, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in unclaimed assets. Our objective is to return these unclaimed foreclosure surplus funds to you, the rightful owner. This is why we've reached out to you...

With absolutely no upfront fees...

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Sterling & Trafford will get you what you're owed.

At Sterling & Trafford, we truly understand that the legal fees and meticulous follow-up with state agencies to recover foreclosure surplus funds are complex and overwhelming, particularly for homeowners who have already endured the loss of their most valuable asset – their home.

Unfortunately, the process isn't straightforward, and recovering these surplus funds demands a deep understanding of maintaining a mortgage, the legal system, and the necessary procedures to ensure that these funds are rightfully disbursed. It's crucial to emphasize that these funds belong to you, the previous homeowner, and not the lender or the new homeowner.

Our organization consists of a team of licensed mortgage professionals, experienced real estate attorneys, proficient finance data analysts, and other dedicated experts, all united by a singular objective: Help our clients recover abandoned or unclaimed assets that the state couldn't return to them. Without any concerns or financial burdens. 

If you've lost your home through foreclosure and our team reached out to you. That means, the state owes you money. Call us now...

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